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The spiritual nature of mathematics is explored in all of our designs. Everything in the heavens moves around everything else, dancing to the music of the spheres. By using the principles of the Chord pattern, connecting two points on different circles, beautiful and interesting variations of designs result.

Looks Fishy to Me
"Looks Fishy to Me"
Inside the Womb
"Inside the Womb"
Bare Breasts
"Bare Breasts"
Torn Between Two Lovers
"Torn Between Two Lovers"
Gray Matter of My Mind
"Gray Matter of My Mind"
Martian's Landing
"Martian's Landing"
Freudian Slip
"Freudian Slip"
Purple People Eater
"Purple People Eater"
Stung by Jellyfish
"Stung by Jellyfish"
Interracial Union
"Interracial Union"
Lemonade Stand
"Lemonade Stand"
Spermozoa Travelling
"Spermozoa Travelling"
Formal Affair
"Formal Affair"
Nuclear Fission
"Nuclear Fission"
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
"Mr. Roger's Neighborhood"
Lunar Orbiter
"Lunar Orbiter"
Tunnel Vision
"Tunnel Vision"
X Marks the Spot
"X Marks the Spot"
Bladder Infection
"Bladder Infection"
Fanmail From Some Flounder
"Fanmail From Some Flounder"
Blue Hawaii
"Blue Hawaii"
Brush Often
"Brush Often"
Fric & Frac
"Fric & Frac"
Pink Martini
"Pink Martini"
Halloween Candy
"Halloween Candy"
Hot Air Balloon
"Hot Air Balloon"
When Life Hands You Lemons
"When Life
Hands You Lemons"
Make Lemonade
"Make Lemonade"
Green Tea with Lemon
"Green Tea with Lemon"
Palm Beach
"Palm Beach"
Pink Panther
"Pink Panther"
Rain Forest
"Rain Forest"
Surf's Up
"Surf's Up"
Hula Skirt
"Hula Skirt"
The Blimp
"The Blimp"
Tweedledum & Tweedledee
"Tweedledum & Tweedledee"
Sounds Fishy to Me
"Sounds Fishy to Me"
Twinkle Toes
"Twinkle Toes"

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