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A Spiral is based on the 'four bugs' mathematical problem involving the random motions of four bugs as they move in relation to each other. This movement causes paths to be carved out that resemble a sequence of polygons similar to each other. As the eye notes how the vertices of these polygons are placed, they appear to trace out elaborate inward spirals.

Pyramid Scheme
"Pyramid Scheme"
Blazing Inferno
"Blazing Inferno"
Golden Triangle
"Golden Triangle"
Great Balls of Fire
"Great Balls of Fire"
Peppermint Patty
"Peppermint Patty"
Sex in the City
"Sex in the City"
Mint Julep
"Mint Julep"
Hurricane Helen
"Hurricane Helen"
God Bless America
"God Bless America"
Navajo Seed Painting
"Navajo Sand Painting"
Stars and Stripes Forever
"Stars and Stripes Forever"
Piano Keys
"Piano Keys"
Black Lace
"Black Lace"
Pinwheel Fever
"Pinwheel Fever"
'Come Into My Parlor, Said the Spider to the Fly'
"'Come Into my Parlor,
Said the Spider to the Fly'"
Twist and Shout
"Twist and Shout"
Fishnet Stockings
"Fishnet Stockings"
Hell hath No Fury
"Hell hath No Fury"
Like a Woman Scorned
"Like a Woman Scorned"
Red Licorice
"Red Licorice"
Picnic with Ants
"Picnic with Ants"
Going in Circles Over You
"Going in Circles Over You"
Windmills of Your Mind
"Windmills of Your Mind"
Parasailing Over White Beaches
"Parasailing Over White Beaches"
I'm So Confused
"I'm So Confused"
Dizzy Pink Elephants
"Dizzy Pink Elephants"
Green Acres
"Green Acres"
Happy New Year
"Happy New Year"
Ice Station Zebra
"Ice Station Zebra"
All That Jazz
"All That Jazz"
Stairway to Heaven
"Stairway to Heaven"
The Next American Idol
"The Next American Idol"
Through the Looking Glass
"Through the Looking Glass"
Time Tunnel
"Time Tunnel"
Viva Las Vegas
"Viva Las Vegas"
We're Not in Kansas Anymore
"We're Not in Kansas Anymore"
You Give Me Fever
"You Give Me Fever"

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